I originally came to yoga in 1997 to find a way to ease pain associated with scoliosis. I quickly discovered that asana practice not only helped ease my pain, but was great training for my mind and inspirational for my spirit.

I graduated from the Piedmont Yoga Studio's Advanced Studies 650+ hour program in 2001 and studied in Pune with the Iyengars. I am certified by Elise Miller as a Yoga for Scoliosis Trainer and hold a teacher certification in Yoga and Jewish Spirituality from the Institute of Yoga and Jewish Spirituality. I also hold an MA in Anthropology from Stanford University and serve as a Spiritual Leader at Kehilla Community Synagogue. In that capacity I officiate Jewish life-cycle ceremonies. I also enjoy facilitating non-sectarian weddings.

I teach and practice with the awareness that applying the insights gained during yoga practice to everyday habits of movement can lead to greater freedom, comfort, and ultimately a more fulfilling life. While my teaching manner tends towards the playful, I am very serious about teaching careful alignment and physical safety. I think yoga is a particularly powerful practice because it helps one take an active role in taking care of oneself. As an avid soccer player I have found that yoga has helped me to keep my body strong and flexible. As an anthropologist, I am keenly aware of how cultural messages affect our body image, and ultimately our experience living in and with our bodies.

As yoga is a lifelong practice, I believe that being a student is essential to being a good teacher. I am grateful for my many teachers including Elise Miller, Donald Moyer, Mary Paffard, Ramanand Patel, Richard Rosen and JinSung, and for my students from whom I continue to learn a tremendous amount.

I am currently on hiatus from teaching public classes. If you would like to do a private session via Skype or FaceTime contact me here.