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Building Standing Poses
A Week of Gentle Practices
A Week of Practices


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Below are two examples of my recorded classes:

Take the time in this 66 minute class to create the mobility and stability that supports the qualities of grace, ease and strength. This class focuses specifically on Side Angle (Parsvakonasana) Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) and Half-Moon (Ardha Chandrasana) but the elements covered apply to many other postures. The practice includes reclined, seated and standing poses. You will need two blocks and a strap.

This 78 minute hour practice begins with gentle practices that can soothe an aching back and promote overall back health. The first half of the practice is done either reclined or on all fours. There is a natural breaking spot for those who just want a gentle practice. Otherwise, the practice continues with standing practices that focus on creating mobility, balance and strength. You will need a block and two straps. It’s also nice to have a half-roller but not necessary.