I like to believe…

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Minneapolis sunrise as seen from Bde Makaska

I like to believe that the more we connect with our bodies, the more compassionate we become.¹

And yet, I don’t know if that’s actually true—maybe we just become more of who we already are. ²

I also like to believe the words of a Jewish daily morning prayer—Elohai Neshama—whose first line translates as, “God, the soul that you have placed within me is pure. ”³

And yet, I don’t know if that is actually true – maybe a few of us are born with a skin of evil  (Star Trek reference). ⁴ ⁵

While I can’t know that what I like to believe is absolute truth, I can attempt to embody these precepts and live as if they are.

I teach and share movement and breath practices with the hope that as we move or bodies and breathe together, we can truly receive compassion and love;
and have the strength and fortitude to share it far and wide.


1) Matthew Sanford, www.matthewsanford.com, yoga instructor and founder of Mind Body Solutions writes, “I have never seen anyone truly become more aware of his or her body without also becoming more compassionate. On the flipside, when we become more disconnected from our bodies, we become more self-destructive. Each day, as I practice connecting my mind and my body, I am able to feel a more compassionate path. I wish the same for you.”
2) Yoga instructor Ramanand Patel, www.yogirama.com, often said this phrase in his San Francisco Bay Area yoga classes.
3) Originally from the Talmud Berkhot 60b.
4) Skin of Evil. Star Trek: Next Generation Season 1, Episode 23. In this episode, Tasha Yar, one of the main characters of the Enterprise crew is killed in a death that has no meaning. Her murderer is a creature who looks like a living oil slick and is a physical manifestation of evil expunged from the bodies of the original inhabitants whom had left the planet.
5) I write this in consideration of the fact that the majority of mental health professionals agree that it is nearly impossible for people narcissistic personality disorders to heal

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